Three Reasons Most People Get Stroke in the Bathroom According to Doctors

Cases of people collapsing and dying in the bathrooms due to heart attacks is so common these days.

Dr Pradnya, a neurologist and paediatric
threw some lights on this matter by stating why they are mainly brought about by various factors.

Here are the common reasons why people get stroke and collapse in the bathroom;

1. Water Temperature

Most cases of people collapsing in their bathrooms are common in winter than summer. Coldwater makes the arteries to shrink. This interferes with the smooth circulation of blood to pivotal organs. This results in a heart attack.

2. Abrupt Changes in Blood Pressure

Bathing or showering with cold water can be dangerous especially to people suffering from high blood pressure. Coldwater causes sympathetic tone which further attributes to rapid de-escalation of body temperature. This increases blood pressure.

When the blood pressure is extremely high, heart attack is the aftermath. It can cause serious health damages to the blood vessels and the body at large. The damages can be life-threatening.

If you need to have a shower, people with high blood pressure should avoid taking a cold shower.

Moreover, bathing is believed to induce abrupt changes in blood pressure due to the difference in temperature in the body and water. This, in turn, kindle ischemia in the cerebral blood vessels that results in a heart attack.

3. No Sequenced Bath or Shower

When having a shower people tend to wet their head and hair first which is totally wrong. This habit triggers the body to precipitously change its body temperature and this is because we are warm-blooded. This might lead to high blood pressure that often causes heart attack.

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