Three Reasons Why Your Hair Is No Longer Growing, No 3 Will Surprise You

Things that doesn't allow your hair to grow

Hair is one thing that adds beauty to ladies and every lady wishes to have long hair. But you notice that your hair sometimes does not grow. You try every sort of things to have it grow but in vain. You ask your self what the problem could be, but you never get the answer. Below are some of the things that make your hair not to grow;

1. Stress
Having psychological or physical stress and anxiety can make your hair not to grow. Stress, strain and worry may interfere with hormone levels in the body which are responsible for the loss of hair. For you to have long hair, you must do away with stress.

2. Poor Diet
Just like any other part of the body, hair also needs to be fed well for it to grow faster and healthy. The foods you eat can be the cause of your hair not growing any longer. Those people who consume a lot of vitamins and minerals have their hair grow long and healthy.

3. Age
Ageing is another thing that makes people have retarded hair growth. The more you grow the more your hair becomes weak and begins to shade off faster. Shading off of the hair makes it short and thin.

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