Three Signs Of True love In Men, All Men Likes Doing No 1

signs of true love in men

Have you been in a relationship full of life and love but suddenly you realise that the guy seems distant? This could be as a result of the emotions he’s going through and he’s trying to find a way to deal with them. Below are signs he’s scared of how much he likes you.

1. He Gets Jealous When He Sees Other Guys Trying to Get Your Attention
Even though he gets jealous, he will act as if seeing other guys hitting on you doesn’t hurt him. He’ll tell you to venture into what makes you happy or to do what you wish to do. This means that the guy is into you but he’s scared of how much he likes you.

2. You Catch Him Staring At You But He Does Not Utter a Word
In case you find him looking at you, he will quickly shift his head towards the other side. He will be hesitant to initiate a conversation with you despite you catching him looking at you on several occasions.

3. He Keeps On Mentioning How Much He Has Been Hurt Before
This is an indication that he is afraid you might hurt him. He will try as much as possible to avoid being in such a situation again. He will be nervous every time he is around you because he really cares about you and he is afraid he might say or do something that will ruin the relationship.

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