Three Signs That Will Let You Know He Misses you During the “No Contact” Period

In every relationship, it gets to a period where a couple cut contact with each other to have some personal time of thinking whether they want to stay in the relationship or not.

During this time, most girls will happen to check for a text in their phones from time to time, because they want to know wants her man thinking on the other side. Also, it is during this time that a woman would want to know whether her man misses her or not.

To be able to know whether he misses you or not, here are 3 signs that you can observe;

1. He Texts You During the “no contact” Period

As the name of the period suggests, there should be no contact at all between couples. However, if he keeps on texting you, then know that he misses you.

2. He Always “accidentally” Bumps Into You During “no contact”

If you happen to feel that he is always the same place as you and keeps on telling you that it is “accidental” then know that he is lying. He is doing it intentionally so that he sees you.

3. He Keeps on Complimenting You During “no contact”

Another way of knowing that a man is missing you during the “no contact” period is when he keeps complimenting you during this period on social media.

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