Three Strange Wedding Rituals You’ve Never Heard About That Will Surprise You

A wedding is a special day for the bride and bridegroom. This memorable event attracts several rituals observed by different people around the globe.

Below are some of the strange wedding rituals you should know;

1. First Night Pot Banging

Charivari is an old French wedding tradition that might seem strange to you. The bride and groom do not have the freedom to enjoy their first night after the wedding as friends and relatives gather to bang dishes and pots outside the newlyweds’ house. The group has to be served drinks and snacks.

2. Dish Smashing

This is one of the most strange wedding rituals performed in Germany. A night before the big day in this European nation sees a special Polterabend ritual honoured. Friends and relatives gather outside the groom and bride’s house and break anything fragile to bring good luck to the wife and husband to be. The act is followed by a moderate party.

3. Marrying a Tree First

In some parts of India, there are girls born during a particular astrological period and are considered unfit for marriage. This group has to marry a tree before real depending takes place to protect the husband from pre nature demise. The tree in question is then cut down as a cleansing mechanism then a wedding can be allowed to go on.

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