Three Things Men Find Difficult to Tell the Woman They Love

Difficult for men to do

When it comes to opening up to various things in a relationship, there are certain things that men always hesitate. Many hesitate in fear of the repercussion that may occur due to them opening up.

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Hence, if you are a woman wondering what are these things that men hesitate to tell a woman that they love, here is list of them.

1. There Earning
Men are made to be competitive in that they tend to compete with even their partners. A man can easily answer any question such as; “Are you gay?” Rather than telling you how much he earns.

If you are always keen, a man will easily share with you about his job promotion and salary increment but will never tell you how much he earns.

2. Don’t Call Me Every Five Minute
Sometimes expressing too much love and affection to a guy might make him feel like his personal space is being intruded.

Even though they feel disturbed about, they always hesitate to tell the woman they love to moderate their calling habits.

3. Talk About Ex
Unfolding things that happened in the past is usually painful.

To most men, they never like this top and that’s why they always hesitate to contribute to it.

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