Three Things That Define True Love That You Have to Know

things that define true love

True love is based on a number of things other than just speaking out what you feel. It should be noted that love is different from true love in that love can be shown or expressed but can be broken sometimes without care. For true love, here are three parameters that truly define it;

1. Loyalty
In a relationship, loyalty means remaining true, devoted and faithful to your partner which could lack in love. The loyalty that is part and parcel of true love comes out of the heart and not conduct. Staying loyal to someone needs self-sacrifice which is an expression of true love to someone. If someone truly loves you then obviously you must expect them to be loyal.

2. Trust
Trust is important for every relationship. Trusting someone means feeling safe with them and having some confidence that they would never hurt you. This is the one thing most people struggle with in relationships but for the case of true love, two people in a relationship sit and decide to trust each other because trusting someone is a choice you make.

3. Care and Respect
Caring for someone means being concerned about them. For the case of true love, caring means being concerned about your partner’s feelings just like you do about yours. It means not being to selfless to them despite situations. Respect on the other hand means understanding that your partner has different experiences and opinions and you are good with it.

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