Three Things to Do If Another Man Impregnate Your Wife After Having Children For You

Things to do

One of the worst things that can happen to a man is realising that his wife has not only been cheating but is now pregnant with another man. Holding onto such a marriage can be tough especially if you have children with her.

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Many men will walk away immediately they realise the wife has someone else’s child.

It will be tougher to leave if you have other children with her. Here are three things to do when you realise there is such a mess in your marriage:

1. Seek Professional Help
A marriage counsellor could be better placed to save your marriage. The experts will analyse the marriage issue and advise you accordingly.

Relax and seek help from a professional marriage counsellor. Remember to take into consideration legal issues as well.

2. Pray for Your Marriage
There is power in prayer, pray for your marriage. If you truly love your wife then reach out to God for answers. Some things are hard to imagine, but life must go on. Ask your religious leader and anyone you trust to pray with you.

3. Take Care of Yourself
Your wife becoming pregnant with another man doesn’t mark the end of life. Take care of your mental, spiritual and psychological well-being.
Do not make fast decisions until you have come to the bottom of the matter. It is possible to rebuild trust and live happily, but you must be ready to live with the stigma.

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