Three Things You Should Do If Your Smartphone Refuses To On

Sometimes you will need your smartphone but stubbornly refuses to power on. The immediate reaction of some people will be fear, worry and even concern because many of us cannot do without our phones.
Moreover, there are many reasons why your phone might not power on but try to follow up these steps before you decides to take it to an engineer in your area.
Here are my few tips on what you have to do if your phone refuses to Power On.

1. Charge Your Phone – In case your battery is dead, your phone would display empty percent when you try to turn it on. However, if is completely dead, your phone will not respond at all when you press the power button. A quick charge should resolve this issue or problem.

2. Remove Your Battery – Your smartphone can hard freeze and refuse to respond to any button pressed. If is completely frozen, your phone may be powered and running but fails to start as the OS is frozen and at the same time, fails to respond when the power button is pressed.
Infact this tip is the first thing that you have to try when you encounter problem Oning your phone.
At this time, you need to remove your battery and insert it back to resolve the issue. If the battery is Non-removeable battery, you need to perform a hard reset on your phone by long pressing the power button for at least 30 seconds or longer.

3. Restore Factory Settings
Sometimes, your phone might be booting but the OS is crashing and freezing, you can reboot your device to recovery mode and do a factory reset. Press Volume Up + Power buttons to boot into recovery mode and perfom a factory reset. This will bring back your phone to normal mode.
Note that factory reset will format and wipe all your phone files, app, games e.t.c.
After Performing all the above steps and your phone still refuse to On, then you should visit an Engineer for you to repair your device.

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