Top Countries That Has the Highest Population Of Female, Check It Out

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Countries with highest number of women

Overall, there are slightly more men than women in the world. The ratio was skewed in favor of men for the first time around 1960. There are now 101.7 men for every 100 women, according to 2019 estimates by the United Nations. While the difference on a global scale seems small, it varies significantly from country to country.

Men and women are distributed unevenly around the world. Of the 201 nations for which the UN has population data, 125 have more women, but the percentages vary from 50.1% to 54.2%. Former Soviet countries and several island nations are among the countries where women outnumber men. Below are the countries with highest number of women;

The country with the most women in its population is China. The total population of China is 1.382 billion people, with approximately 48.5 percent of them female, meaning China’s population of women is approximately 670 million.

India runs a close second, with around 647 million women. The country with the highest proportion of women to men is Estonia.

Approximately 54.3 percent of Estonia’s population is female, meaning that for every 100 women, there are only 84 men.

Latvia is a close second, at about 53.7 percent.

The country with the lowest percentage of women in its population is the United Arab Emirates, which is approximately 31.3 percent female.


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