Top Country With the Highest Number Of Virgin Girls In the World, the Name Of the Country Will Shock You

The world today is made up of an estimated 8 billion people. As we all know the total number of men is less than that of women in the world.

Today, the society has been faced with serious cases confronting women and girls. A high number of girls have faced one form of sexual abuse in one way or the other. Another factor is the fact some girls get exposure at a younger age and also some cultures influence early marriages.

Every man will want to marry a decent and today that we know is hard to get. A research was carried out round the world to know the country with the most virgin girls in the world and the country that made the list is Malaysia.

The country is found in the Asian continent mainly an arabic speaking country and made up of a population of about 32 million people.

Malaysian girls are the oldest to lose their virginity in the world, so it’s no wonder they ended up first on the list of best countries to find a virgin wife.

A few years ago, the Nation Population and Family Development Board launched a social responsibility campaign promoting sexual abstinence with a goal to end unwanted pregnancies. The campaign raised some dust and it’s been criticized on social networks for being focused.

Take a look at some beautiful malaysian girls and look how decent they are below;

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