Top Eight Underrated Things That Are Much More Better and Sweeter Than S£x That You Need to Know

A lot of people believe that s*x is the sweetest thing on earth especially when practiced between two individuals who loves each other. But I promise there are many things that are by far sweeter than s£x and we will be unveiling them in this article. Below are the top eight (8) underrated things better and sweeter than s£x;

1. Recieving An Unexpected Alert When Broke
The state of being broke is one thing everyone fears most in their lives, recieving an unexpected alert when broke is sure sweeter than anything on planet earth.

2. Using the Toilet After Holding Your Shit For a Long Time
Nothing is as sweet as using the toilet after the holding the urge to urinate or poop for a long time, the safely passage of the long awaited waste product will give you a new life, we all can attest.

3. Nepa Bring Light When Your Phone Is In 1%
This is one of the things that can give anybody joy in this life. Nepa should just bring light when your phone is about to off meanwhile you’re doing an important thing on it. You will be so happy.

4. Public Holiday
Nothing sweet pass public holidays in the life of a Students and public servants. to them, nothing sweet pass a day or two of no office or study brouhaha.

5. No Traffic When You Are Late
For those living in most commercial cities, driving to your destination when you are late for an appointment or work without getting dalayed by the everlasting road traffics is the most sweetest thing to happen.

6. Free Fast WiFi
Free and fast reliable wifi?, an average African can never reject this free offer because we have plenty of of funny videos to view and download, we must also Facetime or video call our loved ones when the offer comes.

7. Paid Leave
There is nothing sweeter than going to a leave when you know that your salary will never be tampered with. I repeat, nothing beats the feeling

8. Cleaning the Ear With a Feather
Have you ever tried cleaning your ear with a chicken feather? Nothing beats the feeling.

What do you think about this? Kindly add yours via the comment section if you think we are missing out some.

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