Top Five Great Ways to Impress the Girl You Love and Make Her Fall In Love Within 3 Days, You Must Have No 1

how to make girl fall in love

The dating game has become harder than ever. We get overloaded with so many potential romantic options that it’s increasingly difficult to make the right choice. And if we do make the right choice, we have to somehow hope that the girl or guy you’re into picks you too! That’s like trying to win the lottery but you can only win if the lottery picks you too. Doesn’t sound like a fun contest to be a part of. Well, here’s a few tips of how you can help impress the girl you like. Or guy, really. Or whatever gender identity your potential significant other has.

1. Grow a Beard
Seriously, if you have the ability to grow a proper beard, grow one. Enjoy them while they last, they’ll probably be out of fashion in another year or 5. But I do mean a proper beard, and none of that unkempt growth some guys are sporting.

2. Don’t Make It About You
You can talk about your life, sure. But the conversation shouldn’t be about just one person – there’s two of you trying to get to know each other.

3. Dress to Impress
Wear your good clothes, not your “this is me and you should accept me as I am” clothes. No one accepts you the way you are, that’s why you’re single. In fact, don’t wear your good clothes – buy better clothes and wear those instead.

4. Be Polite And Honest
Don’t feel like the relationship is going anywhere? Stop wasting her time and let her down easy. Don’t tell her the stupid “it’s not you, it’s me” line. It’s obviously her. Just don’t literally say that it is. If you’re not compatible, you’re not compatible. It happens and it’s probably happened to both of you before.

5. Don’t Smother Her
No one finds desperation attractive. It’s just not very healthy to not allow people to continue their regular routine and social interactions while you’re trying to start a new relationship. No one wants to take stuff out of their agenda for someone they’ve met only a few weeks ago.

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