Top Four Most Stunning Buildings In The World That Get People Talking

In this article you will get to know about some weird buildings that will surprise you and wonder how they build it due to there structure and design. Below are to top four most stunning building in the world;

1. The Kunsthaus – Graz, Austria
The Graz Art Museum, designed by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier in 2003, is a must see for those who can really understand the latest tendencies in contemporary art. The huge “nozzles” sticking out from the roof are in fact solar panels which enable the building to generate its own energy and make it environment-friendly.

Thanks to the weird architecture and unique computerized lightning system which illuminates the building from beneath the transparent acrylic panels of the roof , the Museum reminds some supernatural creature and is sometimes even called a ‘friendly alien’. Being one of the world’s greatest exhibition venues, this highly functional and technical building meets all the requirements the most demanding modern art owners could only think of.

2. The Haines Shoe House – Hallam, Pennsylvania
The Haines Shoe House, designed by Mahlon Haines in 1948, is an example of the dramatic roadside advertising which was quite popular in the early 20th century. Mahlon Haines was a shoe salesman and the House is a copy of his best selling model – high topped work shoe. Haines never sold footwear from the Shoe, neither did he live there himself. Instead he invited people to celebrate anniversaries or sometimes even live there for a couple of days.

The advertising power of the House proved to be so strong that Haines never demanded any pay for living in it as the amount of shoes bought by the amazed visitors was tremendous and covered all the construction expenses. The Shoe House is still open to the public, so if you want to feel like a dwarf stuck in a huge cosy boot you should remember the address.

most stunning buildings

3. The Crooked House – Sopot, Poland
The Crooked House, designed by architects Szotynscy and Zaleski in 2004, is now home to the shopping center and definitely one of the most popular tourist attractions of Poland. Once you visit the place, a picture of you in front of the Crooked House is a must have, otherwise what’s the reason coming here?

When you look at the building you get really puzzled at first: it is hard to understand whether something happened to your eyes so that everything gets blurred, or you suddenly find yourself inside some fairy-tale where houses can be of any forms possible. The blue and green shingles of the roof make the building look like some fantastic fdragon, especially at night, when everything is illuminated. Though the building is asbsolutely astounding from the outside, there is not really much to see inside: a couple of shops and a coffee place may seem quite disappointing after all.

4. 30 St Mary Axe – London, UK
30 St Mary Axe, the skyscraper in the financial district of London, is more widely known as The Gherkin due to its unusual form. The building was erected in 2003 on the site of the former Baltic Exchange which had been almost completely destroyed by the bomb explosion 10 years earlier.

Though it has become one of the symbols of modern London and is a must see for every tourist alongside with Buckingham Palce and Trafalgar Square, it is not open to the public, so unless you have some business inside the building you can enjoy its beauty and grandeur only from a certain distance. Andf if you want to make some really good pictures in front of The Gherkin, make sure you come here on Sunday, otherwise you will meet thousands of office workers here who will make it quite difficult to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

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