Top Seven Most Giant Statues From Around The World You Have To See, Anyone Is Not From Africa

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These 7 statues are the most giant and massive looking sculptures that have ever been created. The size of these monstrous statues makes the tourists gasp in amazement. Just imagine yourself standing next to the world’s biggest statues of Buddha or Hand of the Dessert. These monuments are truly the things you have to see to believe. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to travel to the most remote places on Earth to witness the beauty of these giants. Luckily, we have our phones, tablets, and laptops to help us contemplate the beauty of these mighty structures from the comfort of our homes. So, here are the top seven below;

1. Forever Marilyn, Palm Springs, California
This statue is a super-sized tribute to everyone’s favorite beauty Marilyn Monroe. The statue currently resides in Palm Springs, California. Over the years, the statue has been displayed in many different locations around the US, and in Australia.

top seven giant statues

2. The Bather, Hamburg, Germany
Giant woman sculpture that made a real stir in Germany. It’s hard to say what was the main purpose of this bathing woman statue. Some say it was meant to be a work of art, but became an eyesore for many locals instead. But either way, this statue is amazing, whether you like it or not.

3. Doll Sculpture, Visakhapatnam beach, India
This Doll sculpture is probably one of the most astonishing and enormous sculptures in India. It’s been a real hit with tourists since the day it was unveiled. People from all over the world come to see and pose with the biggest doll on earth.

4. Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan, China
The statue was carved out of rock 1200 years ago. It is now considered to be the largest stone Buddha and ancient wonder of the world. Millions of people come to Sichuan every year to see this mighty creation.

5. Mano del Desierto, Atacama Desert, Chile
A giant cement hand rises from the Atacama desert and there’s a reason for that. Turns out there’s a right hand as well. On the other side of the continent, in Uruguay, there’s the right hand emerging from the sand of the beach. Now, if you picture it, it looks like a giant creature is holding the South America continent in its stone hands.

6. The Kelpies, Falkirk, Scotland
These giant horse heads are a tribute to the old Scottish legend. Kelpies are shape-changing creatures that are hunting rivers and streams. These statues are a true masterpiece of engineering that was designed to bring together people from Scotland, the UK and all over the world.

7. Rodina Mat, Kyiv, Ukraine
Rodina Mat is a giant statue of a female warrior that stands upon the main building of the Museum of The History of Ukraine in World War II. The museum features unique displays and exhibits commemorating the German-Soviet war.

If you have any other one you want to add to the list, kindly drop it as comment below.


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