Top Six Best Christmas Light Displays Around The World, No African Countries On the List

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We all know where are in the festive season, so you can scroll through gazillions of Christmas images all the while listening to the cheesiest of Christmas songs – completely guilt-free! Make yourself a cup of warm cocoa sprinkled with cinnamon and marshmallows and get into your festive mood by viewing some of the most spectacular Christmas light displays all over the world. In my opinion it’s the most cheerful and exciting part of the whole celebration, and I’m not talking about a few more lights on the city Christmas Tree, I’m talking about whole streets and districts putting up spectacular light displays of various shapes, colours, and themes. Here are 6 of the best Christmas light displays from around the world;

1. Kobe Luminarie, Japan
Each year the Kobe town of Japan lights up with thousands of carefully designed lights to commemorate the Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995. The theme of the light show changes every time.

Best Christmas Light Displays

2. Cathedral Square, Vilnius, Lithuania
Last year’s Christmas Tree in Vilnius, Lithuania, was made out of 70,000 bulbs, give or take, composing a sight so bright it could be seen from the planes landing in the city. Visitors could also enjoy a festive market, a special Christmas train run by elves, and 3D light show projected onto the Vilnius Cathedral.

3. Shiodome Caretta Illumination, Tokyo, Japan
Shiodome Caretta is a grand shopping mall located amidst the skyscrapers of Tokyo. Each year it presents an exciting light show, surprising the visitors with unique themes. The theme for 2020 is Arabian Nights and some live performances would be held as well.

4. Village de Noël, Nice, France
Village de Noël in Nice is a real French Wonderland that offers a variety of festive treats to anyone looking to get into a Christmas mood. Apart from a huge market with around 60 chalets you will find an ice skating rink, and more twinkling lights than you’ve ever seen on the Promenade du Paillon near Place Masséna.

5. Luci d’Artista, Salerno, Italy
The light installations in Salerno, Italy, are among the must-see Christmas decorations of 2020. The fascinating LED replication of the starry night sky is accompanied by light animals and a huge 60-foot Ferris wheel that allows you to enjoy the spectacular show from up above.

6. Ayala Triangle Gardens, Manila, Philippines
You don’t have to be in a cold and snowy environment to celebrate Christmas – Manila’s Christmas light display in the Ayala Triangle Gardens is proof of that! Each year the place is decorated with millions of lights dancing to the beat of Christmas songs. It’s a sight like no other!


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