Top Ten Countries That Has the Highest Number of Christians In the World, Check It Out

Countries with highest number of Christians

There are over 2.2 billion Christians around the world which putsChristianity as the largest religion in the world.

Christianity has its origin in the Middle East. From there, it began to spread throughout the other parts of the world through missionaries and colonization processes. The Bible is considered to be the most sacred book in the Christian faith. In this article, we will be looking at the countries with the highest number of Christians around the world;

1. United States of America
Christianity is by far the most popular religion in the United States with an estimate of about 230 million Christians living in the country with the majority being Protestant Christians. With political independence came religious independence as well in the US, Christianity took its stand under British rule. Beliefs among the diverse denominations have only minor differences. God is revered as the super being across all Christian denominations, and the Bible is the Holy Christian book. The US has no official state religion and the constitution guarantees for the freedom of worship for all.

2. Brazil
Coming second in this list is Brazil which is home to the largest number of Christians in South America with about 180,770,000 Christians. Brazil also has the highest number of Catholics in the world. Catholicism became firmly intertwined with the political and social life of Brazilians. The results of the Catholic influence can be seen today in activities such as festivals based on Catholic doctrines. The constitution of Brazil guarantees freedom of worship and there are numerous Protestant Churches in the country.

3. Mexico
Mexico boasts of over 100 million Christians who are predominantly Roman Catholics. Christianity in Mexico has its origin in the Spanish during their conquest of the region. Protestantism first took root in Mexico in the 1800s and 1900s. Christianity in Mexico is generally tolerant, and different religions exist in harmony. The constitution of Mexico clearly provides for the separation of the church and the state. There is also freedom of religious worship in the country.

4. Philippines
The Philippines proudly boasts to be the only Christian nation in Asia with about 86,500,000 Christian population. At least 92% of the total population of Philippines are Christians; about 81% belong to the Roman Catholic Church while about 11% belong to Protestant, Orthodox, Restorationist and Independent Catholic denominations, such as Iglesia Filipina Independiente, Iglesia ni Cristo, Seventh-day Adventist Church, United Church of Christ in the Philippines and Evangelicals. Philippines is a secular nation, with the Constitution guaranteeing separation of church and state, and requiring the government to respect all religious beliefs equally.

5. Nigeria
Nigeria being the most populous African country is coming fifth on this list. Nigeria has two major religions being Islam and Christianity. Though the exact ratio of the Nigeria’s population that belong to a particular religion is uncertain. But according to a 2001 report from the World Factbook by CIA, about 50% of Nigeria’s population are Muslims, 40% are Christians and 10% adhere to local religions. But in some recent report, the Christian population is now slightly lesser than the Muslim population. It is believed that at least 74,400,000 Nigerians are Christians.

Christianity in Nigeria is particularly prevalent in the Southern and Central areas of the country. Christianity denominations in the country include Roman Catholic, Seventh-day Adventist, Baptist, Anglican, Church of Nigeria, and Assemblies of God Church. Protestants churches in Nigeria adhere to the foundations of Christianity as other Protestants in other countries but have also adopted different ways of expressing their faith.

6. Russia
Christianity, especially Orthodoxy, is the most widely professed faith in Russia with significant minorities of Irreligious people, Muslims and Pagans. A 1997 law on religion recognises the right to freedom of conscience and creed to all the citizenry, the spiritual contribution of Orthodox Christianity to the history of Russia, and respect to “Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and other religions and creeds which constitute an inseparable part of the historical heritage of Russia’s peoples”,[3] including ethnic religions or Paganism, either preserved or revived. The Christian population in Russia is about 66,000,000 – 99,775,000 people.

7. Democratic Republic of Congo Christianity is the most practiced religion in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which is being followed by more than 90% of the population. Denominations include Roman Catholic 42.8%, Protestant 38% and other Christian denominations (including Kimbanguist) 12%. In total, about 63,150,000 people in Democratic Republic of the Congo are Christians. Minority religions include Muslims (mainly Sunni) who represent 1% of the population and others (including syncretic sects and indigenous beliefs) accounting for 4%, according to most recent estimates. Hinduism which is not widely spread represents 0.18% of the population.

8. Italy
Religion in Italy is characterised by the predominance of Christianity and an increasing diversity of religious practices, beliefs and denominations. Most Christians in Italy adhere to the Catholic Church, whose headquarters are in Vatican City, Rome. According to the 2012 Global Religious Landscape survey by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life (an American think tank), 83.3% of Italy’s residents are Christians, 12.4% are irreligious, atheist or agnostic, 3.7% are Muslims and 0.6% adhere to other religions. Christian population: About 53,230,000

9. Ethiopia
Religion in Ethiopia consists of a number of faiths. Among these mainly Abrahamic religions, the most numerous is Christianity (Ethiopian Orthodoxy, Pentay, Catholic) totaling at 62.8%, followed by Islam at 33.9% . There is also a longstanding but small Jewish community. Christian population: 52,580,000.

10. Germany
Religion in Germany – Christianity. About 65% to 70% of the population are followers of the Christian religion in Germany. They are more or less evenly split between the mainstream denominations of Lutheran-Protestantism and Calvinism united in the EKD (Evangelical Church in Germany) and the Roman Catholic Church. Christian population: 47,900,000.

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