Top Ten Most Racist Countries In the World, Countries Where They Hate Seeing Blacks

Racism is a problem faced in human societies. Every one of us might have heard the news about human murdering their fellow humans over color, social status and many other meaningless factors that were created with us.

It has been in human nature to involve in feeling superior or inferior, which sometimes makes certain humans, so merciless that they might kill fellow humans over such nonsense difference.What we don’t realize is that we are creating all these troubles from within ourselves.

Take a look at dangerous weapons that the world fears, in the near future to the fear of nuclear weapons, all were indeed created by humans themselves.Racism doesn’t necessarily exist on the same scale everywhere. Every country has its own kind of people and conditions.

Below are lists of 10 racist countries which are known for the large scale of racism;

1. India

2. Israel

3. Rwanda

4. Germany

5. Japan

6. Russia

7. Australia

8. United Kingdom

9. United States of America

10. South Africa

Which other countries do you think we miss out? Kindly add it by commenting below.

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