Top Ten Most Technologically Advanced Countries In Africa, Is Your Country On the List

Technology is growing at a very fast pace across the globe with the Americas at the forefront, Europe and Asia right within the circle and Africa comparatively lagging behind and a lot dependent on the acquisition of already invented technology from the aforementioned regions.

However, Africa is not willing to remain stagnant forever and some of the continent’s countries are at the forefront of technological advancement. As the biggest ever infrastructure boom is going on in Africa, technology is also Africa’s great leap forward.

Technology is growing at a very fast pace worldwide. Some African nations, especially the Sub-Saharan African nations, are fast embracing technology. These nations are doing everything to utilize the latest technology to improve the lives of their people.

In coming up with this final list of most technologically advanced countries in Africa, Answers Africa examined each of the 54 African countries and matched them up using several ranking factors including: Intensity of R&D (research and development), productivity and variability of technological products, high-tech density such as proportion of high-tech public companies in the field of advanced engineering, energy, defence, chemical, hardware and software, Internet, computer and mobile phone software & services.

Also, researcher concentration compared to the rest of the population, manufacturing capability of each country, education levels and of course raw talent were also considered.

Below are the top 10 most technologically advanced countries in Africa;

1. South Africa

South Africa is the most technologically advanced country in Africa. The nation has some of the best universities in Africa. It tops African countries in the current Global Innovation Index (GII).

One can notice plenty of development in the field of information technology. South Africans have produced some really amazing inventions, like Linux, Ubuntu.

2. Egypt

According to many experts, civilization started in Egypt. The country has for long been associated with inventions and innovations. Many universities in Egypt have supported technological advancements in the country. Despite the civil unrest in Egypt, it is a technology force to reckon with.

3. Nigeria

This African technology giant is home to the likes of Iroko Partners, a successful internet company with more than 6 million unique users from 178 nations. INYE-1 and INYE-2 tablet computers are made in Nigeria. Moringa plant technology enables Nigerians to use Moringa plant for water treatment.

4. Kenya

Many startup companies with revolutionary ideas (especially in the field of information technology) are emerging from Kenya. Antony Mutua developed a charging shoe and a 44-year-old man from Nairobi invented an alarm-fitted television. SMS car immobilizer, solar powered refrigerator and underwater pet housing are among Kenyan inventions.

5. Ghana

Ghana is a stable and growing economy, which is poised to have great environment to nurture technological advancements. Many technological innovations have emerged from Ghana. An affordable video conferencing system was developed by a Ghanaian. Mr. Freddie Green invented a way of using compressed gas to generate electricity. The nation has the potential to be a tech giant.

6. Rwanda

Rwanda is recovering from the ravaging effects of civil war and genocide. Currently it is focusing on becoming a regional hub for African IT industry. The nation has launched the proposed 4G LTE broadband network which would provide new opportunities to deliver top class service nationwide.

7. Botswana

This stable and successful economy is doing well to use technology for the betterment of its people. The Botswana’s Innovation Hub is designed to keep start-ups, global corporations, research and health organizations under one green roof. It is an initiative of the government.

8. Angola

In Angola, there is an increasing awareness regarding the technological advancements worldwide. As of now the nation is on the right track when it comes to technology. The government should formulate policies to encourage investments in hi-tech industries.

9. Uganda

According to a study conducted by Martin Prosperity Institute of the US, Uganda is one of the nations with advanced technological and innovation capabilities in Africa. The Ugandan leadership is working on developing human capital that the nation requires.

10. Zimbabwe

Southern African nation Zimbabwe is not exactly experiencing a revolution in technology, but has human skills that can be harnessed. The country has a Ministry of Science and Technology Development.

Technology-based investment in Zimbabwe from Asian countries is growing, enticed by cheap labour and a huge regional market. One of the most technologically advanced projects Zimbabwe has attracted is a $12 million Malaysian electronic manufacturing.

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