Top Ten Popular Football Players That Were Rich Before Becoming Footballers, No. 8 Is From Africa

Many footballers are from very poor families. Some have made enormous sacrifices to realize their dream of becoming great footballers who have been able to accumulate big money. However, other footballers have grown up in wealthy families. They played football just for fun. They did not necessarily need financial support.

In this article, you will get to know some players that were rich before turning to a footballer and Below are the top 10 footballers that came from a rich family;

1. Gérard Piqué
This FC Barcelona defender was born into a wealthy family. He studied at one of the best high schools in Spain.

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2. Frank Lampard
This British footballer comes from a large family of footballers in England. While his father was a player of the West Ham English club and his uncle was Harry Redknapp, a major English football coach.

3. Kaka
This former Real Madrid player is not from a poor family. The Brazilian comes from a wealthy family in Brazil’s capital. He has two brothers who are also football players.

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4. Van Persie
This former Gunner has always wanted to become a professional footballer and his parents have always been available to support him morally and economically.

5. Mido
Thanks to his father who was a wealthy former footballer, Mido saw the doors of football being widely open to him in a country where everyone does not have the same opportunities.

6. Shaun Wright-Phillips
Adopted by Ian Wrigth at the age of 3, the Briton had the chance to join a wealthy family when he was still very young. So he did not play football to try to be rich. His adoptive parents had already given him what he wanted.

7. Mario Götze
Bayern Munich midfielder arrived at Borussia Dortmund at the age of 8 in the lower category. His detractors suggest that it was his father’s money that helped him become a big star.

8. Al-Saadi Gaddafi
Son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Al-Saadi was captain of the national team and president of the Libyan Football Federation with the support of his father.

9. Hugo Lloris
Totenham goalkeeper was born into a large family in Nice with a lawyer mother and a banker father.

10. Mario Balotelli
After asking for help from social services because of his family’s economic problems in Ghana, he was adopted by a family of great influence in Brescia.

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