Top Three Levels of Maturity You Must Have Before Getting Married, Check It Out

Three levels of maturity

Marriage is not for kids, obviously. A good marriage can only be built by two mature people who are willing to forgive each other and overlook faults.

Unfortunately, maturity does not always comes with age, and for most people it has to be consciously learnt and practiced.

If you want to make your marriage work, you must start making an effort before the wedding date is fixed. You must be determined to grow as an individual and develop different levels of maturity. Here are three specific levels of maturity you must develop before getting married.

1. Financial Maturity
Money is one of the biggest reasons why marriages break up all over the world. If you don’t want your marriage to be included in that statistic, you must build financial maturity before you get married. Decide on your views about money and find someone who shares those views.

Build your own income and develop your skills so you can add value to your family. Don’t go into marriage to be a parasite.

2. Emotional Maturity
Your husband will offend you and hurt your feelings. That is certain, so prepare yourself to be offended and learn how to handle conflict the right way. One of the hallmarks of a great marriage is the ability to forgive and do so quickly. You’ll need to learn emotional maturity to achieve this.

3. Physical Maturity
This doesn’t just mean having the necessary body parts that make you a woman. Physical maturity also involves being able to take care of your body and prepare it for everything it’s going to do when you’re married. Your body needs to prepared for regular sex and for childbearing so treat it well.

You’ll also need to practice better hygiene because you don’t want to go and smell up the works in your husband’s house. The sooner you start practicing, the sooner it will become a habit.

There’s no perfect marriage because there are no perfect people. There are just people who have decided to put in the work to stay married and whether you become one of them or not is entirely up to you.

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