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What Is
Toxicwap is a website for all your Mobile Download such as Android games, java games, Serbian games all for your mobile phones. has help lot of Android user to get all their favorite Apps for free. this site is like a building block for most Android and Java users.

You can Download Apps that will enable you to create your own themes for your mobile phones. on this web site Downloading has always being easy. because you don’t need to sign up to to get access to all your favorite Application, Videos, Music and lot more. Here are list of Category of files you can find on

* Videos
* Musics
* Images
* Apps
* Ebooks
* TV series

To get access to this web site all you need is an internet enable device, such as PC, Mobile Phone or tablet. to get the list update on all your Tv series, Videos, Music, Movies, Games, Application and lot more.

How to Download Music from Toxicwap

1. Enter the Url in the toolbar as
2. On the home page of click on Music.
3. Select any categories of your choice.
4. You can search for music by artist name and click on the name of the artist Or enter the name of the music on search bar.
5. Select the music file on the list of music.
6. Click on download to start downloading.

How to Download TV Series from Toxicwap

This is a web site where you can Download TV series, Funny Videos, Musical Video. Full Movies all to your Mobile Phone. On Downloading Movies has always being easy for Mobile users because it’s an archive were all your favorites Movies are stored and can be accessed all over the globe. TV Series are being updated as soon as new movie Episode is out, as we know TV series as Movies that comes in Episode because of their time duration.

1. visit portal ether via Mobile or Desktop.
2. click on the TV series icon at the HOME screen of the portal.
3. this page is where all the list of your favorite English TV Series.
and seasons in compatible mobile High Quality MP4 format are stored.
ranging from A to Z in alphabetical order.
4. for instance you want to download a TV Series with the name Mr Robot to locate this movie click on M since it has the latter M as it first latter.
5. to start Downloading the TV Series click on ether new to old Episode or old to new Episode.
6. select the season you want to download you see list of deffrint episod click on any of the episod
7. click on download.
Note: for mobile users for fast download you need to download with ucweb app or operamini.

READ IMDb | Movies TV and Celebrities | Trailers

On this portal there are lots of TV series for you to Download. One thing i like about this portal downloads are free starting from Java, Symbian, Android and even IOS you can also get updated TV series as soon as they are out for download
Toxicwap Latest Free Android Standalone Games and Games with data (.apk) files can be downloaded on this portal using any browser be it mobile phone or PC you can its free to download

Android Standalone Games
Standalone Games are games that has just one file to install and you can play them instantly with out adding anyother files to them. This type of are uselly not above the file size of about 50 Megabit with littel or less graphics and usually comes in just apk file.

Android Games With Data
Games with data are games that has two file, .apk file and .obb file you can download both file and intasll it derictly by coyping the .obb file to the obb folder on your device. Game with data file uselly have great graphics and has a file size of above 500 Megabit to 2 Gigabit.

How to Download Android Games and Application on Toxicwap

To download android games from follow the steps bellow.
1. Enter the url on any browser on your device.
2. You see list of files you can download from this portal now click on Android.
3. Now select the type of game you want to download ether Standalone Games or Games with data.
5. On this page here is a full listing of android games by category such as Arcade, Action, Racing, Adventure and so many more click on any of this category.
6. This page gives you list of games under this carthgory click on any game you want to download and click on the download icon below.

There are other portals where you can download files for free but this is one of the most secure and most reliable, you don’t have worry about corrupt files and it is open to both mobile and pc users.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, i hope it’s of helpful to you.

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