Trick On How You Can Subscribe Social Networks Plan The Old Way On Mtn(#25 weekly & #60 monthly)

Great news!!! I am happy to tell you that you can now easily subscribe to your goodybag(social networks bundle) data plan on mtn with the amount you use to pay before. Of recent mtn increased their social bundle plans which is a bit higher than the amount you use to pay before. See the difference between the old and new data plan below.

Weekly – #25
Monthly – #60

NOW(New Price)
Daily – N25
Weekly – N50
Monthly – N150

As you can see, the old plan and price is better than the new. So what we will be talking about today is

how you can easily subscribe to the old plan with the amount

It’s very easy and simple, as you all know olexhome is also there for you, i will be teaching you step to step on how you can subscribe to any of the social bundle plan using the old method even as it is being blocked by mtn.
1. For Facebook– This help you to use your Facebook account even if you don’t have normal data, in as much as you have this Facebook social bundle on it, you will be able to browse through your Facebook. So to subscribe to Facebook bundle the old way, kindly dail *131#, when it open choose option 7 in the provided options.

Then a new page will come up, press 2 ( note that you won’t see any options like 2 there, cause it has been hidden). Just press the 2 and click on send…

Wow, you will now see formal subscription plan and amount, choose your choice and you are done.

2. For Twitter – To get twitter old social bundle. Dail *131# and send, choose 7 from the options provided and send>>>press 3 and send …. Wow, you will now be able to subscribe to the formal Twitter social bundle plan.

3. For Whatsapp – You can still subscribe to whatsapp social plan the old way, all you have to do is dail *131#, wait for a new page to appear, choose 7 in the options provided as well and send, after that press 4 and send, wow… It will show up the old whatsapp subscription code and price. You can now subscribe to it.

4. For 2go – also dail *131# and it will bring a new page, choose option 7 and send. Then input 5 and send, it will bringup the 2go old subscription plan and price , choose your choice in the options provided and you are done.

Am sure this is helpful, and you will appreciate it because the old subscription plan is far better than the new one. Drop your comments below in case you have any difficulty.

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