Tutorial On How To Submit Blogger / Website Pages On Google Search Console

In our last tutorial, we discussed on how to submit blogger Sitemap to Google search console. But today we will be discussing on how we can also submit blogger pages to Google Search Console. What i meant by pages is your contact, about us, privacy policy and all other pages you might have on your blog.

Submitting Blogger Static Pages Sitemap in Google Search Console

As the sitemap for static pages has already been created, we just need to submit it to Google search console so that the search bots can find them and index them.
Follow the steps below to get it done.
1. Go To Google Search Console
2. Choose your blog from the list provided
3. Choose Crawl > Sitemaps from the left sidebar menu

4. Click ADD/TEST SITEMAP button towards yours top-right side
5. Insert sitemap-pages.xml inside the text field.
6. Click on “ Submit ” button and you are all done!
Same method applies for all other search engines like Bing/Yahoo and Yandex.

Is this helpful? Or do you encounter any problem while doing this? Drop your comments below.

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