Twitter Blue monthly price increases 66% for new subs; early subs have until October with the old price

Twitter Blue – the social media’s paid subscription where you get to enjoy exclusive features such as the possibility to undo a tweet you just sent or to pick themes for the app – is now getting a price hike, reports 9to5Mac. This will be the first time its price has increased since the service was launched.

Twitter Blue will be getting a big 66% price increase

The subscription service was launched back in June last year. And now, for the first time, its price is being raised – from $2.99 per month, Twitter Blue will now cost $4.99, which is a 66% price increase. This change will first impact new subscribers which have not subscribed yet, while people who are already subscribed to Twitter Blue have until October of this year to enjoy the lower price. Early Twitter Blue subscribers (basically, people with an already active subscription) will be getting another notification 30 days before the price increase comes into force.

The information, discovered by Matt Navara, comes from an email sent to Twitter Blue subscribers. In the email, the social media platform underlines that this price increase will help them continue to build some of the features people have been asking for, as well as sustain Twitter Blue’s mission of supporting journalism. Basically, the increased price doesn’t get you any new features so far.

There are no other details about why Twitter Blue is getting a price increase just a year after the service has been officially launched.

Twitter Blue: what do you get for now $4.99 a month

Let’s see what the current Twitter Blue features are.

First off, we have the highly-anticipated and most-talked-about feature of the paid subscription: the “Undo Tweet” option. This feature allows Twitter Blue subscribers to preview and edit Tweets before they are sent. It basically gives you some time to make changes to your Tweet while it is being sent. The Undo Tweet option is available on iOS, Android, and Twitter on the web.

Additionally, subscribers get access to Reader, which is a view that turns long threads in a Twitter conversation into an easier-to-read view. Reader allows you to also change the text size within the view so you can enjoy the most comfortable tweet-convo-catching-up experience. Again, this feature is available for iOS, Android, and

Twitter Blue subscribers (on all platforms) can enjoy a Top Articles section in the app. This feature allows you to easily check out what the most-shared articles in your network for the last 24 hours are, in order to easily know what is important in your Twitter community.

Additionally, users get the possibility to enjoy ad-free articles. This feature also comes thanks to the fact that a portion of the revenue from Twitter Blue is committed to supporting publishers and free press, and this way, publisher partners of Twitter can make more than what they could make with ad-supported articles. And, of course, the change improves the experience for readers, while at the same time they get the chance to support journalism.

On the other hand, Twitter Blue gives you more options to customize your experience. Bookmark Folders and now, Custom App Icons are available for Android and iOS. Custom Navigation allows you to modify the navigation bar for quick access to the places on Twitter that you would visit the most often. A feature reserved for iOS (for now) is Themes.

Basically, as you can see, you get quite a lot of useful features. And now, you will be getting them for $4.99 a month.


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