Two Simple Steps To Take For Filing Car Insurance Claim.

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If you are in an accident or experience any other sort of automotive mishap, it is extremely important to know the proper way to file a car insurance claim. Failure to do so may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and put your future at risk. Though insurance policies can often be wordy and complicated, filing a claim need not be. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after being involved in an accident. Protect yourself by taking the other driver’s information before parting ways at an accident.

Preparing to File a Claim
Recognize when you should file a claim.

There are a number of situations in which you should file an auto insurance claim. The most common type of situation in which you’d need to file an insurance claim is when your car is involved in an auto accident. However, you should also file a claim if your car is vandalized or stolen.
Inspect your insurance policy. The explanation and fine print of car insurance policies appear to be long-winded and often seem extremely complicated. The best thing to do before proceeding too deeply into the insurance claims process is to read and re-read your policy. You’ll then understand the intricacies of what your own personal responsibility is in the event of an accident or other automotive mishap, and what your insurance company’s responsibility is in such an incident.
You might need to pay a deductible — a fee to help cover the costs of the accident — if you’re found to be at fault. If you’re not at fault, your insurance company might be able to help you recover the deductible from the driver who is at fault.

Contact your insurance company.

Your insurance company’s number should be on the front of your insurance card. You might also be able to find it among your insurance policy documents or on the insurance company’s website. Contact the insurance company as soon as possible so you can find out what their specific claims process entails.
Many insurance companies have online portals where you can file a claim, upload relevant documents, and check the status of your claim. Ask your insurance company about such an option.

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