U.S Police Bow to Pressure and Beg Protesters On Behalf Of There Colleague That Kill Africa American Man, George Floyd

US police bow to pressure and beg protesters

Of course silence is more of a crime than an act of worship. Humility is the key to a lot of progress in life, and this another nice but required example of the Police and authorities bending to the interest and burning quest of the people, and of course this was gotten by a simple majority.

Whereas in Africa, we shout, wail, cry and just complain without taking responsibilities and required actions towards getting justice, fairness and equality.

Though the U.S still violent the law of equity among other racist nations of the world, but this is like a bigger and non-common statement made and gotten by a people because of a soul lost amongst many.

They were trying to preach love with people. They tried to explain they are not in support of what happened. People should try to understand them as well, because government can push them to act hash on protesters if they don’t resist from protest.

What do you think about this? Don’t you think people should stop the protest since they already agreed that there colleague who murdered the black man is at fault. Kindly drop your comments.

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