Verizon’s affordable new Welcome Unlimited plan comes with all the 5G ‘basics’

It’s no big secret that Verizon has a bit of a value problem in comparison with both T-Mobile and AT&T, but between reducing 5G Home Internet prices last month for existing “premium” 5G mobile customers and unveiling a new entry-level wireless unlimited plan today, the nation-leading carrier is certainly trying to amend this problem.

As you can imagine, Welcome Unlimited doesn’t qualify as a premium 5G plan, including pretty much no bells and whistles on top of your unlimited talk, text, and data “basics.” We’re talking no high-speed mobile hotspot data, no 5G Ultra Wideband access, and no Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, or Google Play Pass freebies.
What you do get is unlimited and unrestricted access to Big Red’s “nationwide” 5G network, which is unfortunately still not much faster than a good old fashioned 4G LTE signal.
If that’s not too big of an inconvenience for you, you can pay as little as $30 per line per month with four Welcome Unlimited lines and Auto Pay (plus taxes and fees), compared to $35 for 5G Start, which was Verizon‘s cheapest unlimited plan until today.

Before choosing this new ultra-affordable option, you should also note that Welcome Unlimited is available separately from Verizon’s Mix & Match lineup consisting of 5G Start, 5G Play More, 5G Do More, and 5G Get More plans, which obviously means combining “premium” and non-premium lines is currently not allowed.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that, while cheaper than AT&T’s Unlimited Starter Plan, Verizon Welcome Unlimited still costs more than the $105 charged by T-Mobile at the time of this writing for a grand total of four Essentials lines… with 50GB “premium” data and complimentary Netflix included. So, yeah, Big Red is still most definitely not the champion of 5G plan affordability or overall service value.


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