Violent Protest: U.S Protesters Want Trump Removed As the President Because Of the Recent Attack On Journalists By Police

Protesters want Trump Removed as president

Violent protests have been going on in the United States of America for the past five days following the murder of a Black American, George Floyd by a former White Police officer in Minnesota, Derek Chauvin.

Residents of America in different cities, especially blacks have come out to express their anger over the killing of George Floyd.
Even some Whites have been seen on the streets of Chicago, Portland, Atlanta, Newyork and Kansas protesting against black brutality by the police. The protests became violent when police clashed with residents who came out to protest. In Los Angeles, many cars, and some police stations have been burnt by protesters.

The protest has now taken a new dimension as angry protesters were seen carrying banners with the inscription, “Remove Trump.” President Donald Trump had announced yesterday on his verified Twitter handle that ANTIFA, an autonomous organisation in the United States who are known for organizing protests against racism is set to be designated as a terrorist organisation.

That announcement by Trump didn’t go down with some people who believe that the organisation which has been in America a long time has nothing to do with terrorism.
On the other hand, some Journalists who are covering the mass protest over police brutality have also been attacked by the police who mistook them for protesters and fired a rubber bullet at them.

This violent protests has made California Governor to declare state of emergency and impose curfew in order to control it. It could be recalled that Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd has been charged with manslaughter and third degree murder.

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