Vote now: Are you excited about the iPhone 14?

September has arrived with its warm weather and soft golden rays of light. But besides being the best month of them all (a little biased here as I was born in September), there’s another key event happening in September that adds to the significance of this equinoxial part of the year.

Yes, it’s the official iPhone announcement, and this year we’re talking about the iPhone 14! Unlike other tech companies, Apple tries to keep things under wraps (and succeeds most of the time), so we’re pretty much in the dark here – no leaked official press materials, prototype images or any info of such kind.

We have the usual suspects – our good old leakers and tipsters, our Kuos and Gurmans, taking on the entertainment duties ahead of the official announcement but with Apple, you never know what’s going to happen.

During the past few years and iPhone generations, Apple has been moving with tiny, incremental steps, and by the looks of it, we can expect something similar this year. The almost certain news of the iPhone Mini’s demise is sad for all fans of the ultra-compact flagship but we’re about to get a new addition in its place – the iPhone 14 Max.

From Min to Max, as it stands, along with the eradication of the notch as we know it. Other than that, it’s mostly the same old, same old – design wise things are looking pretty similar (again if we’re to believe all the leaks), we might get bigger batteries, more RAM, new iPhone 14 colors and better selfie cameras though.

Today’s poll aims to measure your level of excitement – in the midst of all the leaks, rumors, the miniscule features that have been drip-fed to us over the past few years. Are you still excited about these product announcements? And most importantly, are you excited about the iPhone 14?


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