Vote now: Have you already installed Android 13?

Mobile operating systems are like the seasons – one comes after another but there’s no end in sight. Well, Summer has brought an unexpected surprise to all Android fans out there, as Google officially (quietly) started rolling out the stable version of Android 13 to Pixel phones.

That was a sneaky move, and it seems that Google has embraced this “shoot-from-the-hip” approach lately with its Pixel brand. The company showed the Pixel 6 series way ahead of its scheduled announcement, and the same happened with the Pixel 7.

Whether or not this is the right approach, time will tell, but more importantly – some people already have the chance to see what’s the next big thing on the Android front. Again, the stealth launch is nothing like the iOS 16 fanfare-imbued arrival but still there are some really cool features in Android 13 to be excited about.

We fully understand that asking the question above means counting Pixel users out there, more or less, but still – it’s interesting to see how many of you guys have had the chance to taste Google’s new OS.

For the rest of us mere mortals (or non-Pixel users) the Android beta program remains the only way to get to know what’s coming our way. Of course, Samsung and the others will roll out their Android 13 once they bake it in their own software furnaces and add frosting (you know, the UI on top) but until then, how many of you have already installed Android 13? We’ll add the Beta option for some additional context.


Vote in our poll and share your Android 13 experience so far in the comments below.

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