Vote now: How long can you go without your smartphone?

As we all know, human beings can’t survive for too long without a smartphone of some kind. Symptoms such as disorientation, trembling thumbs, compulsive pocket fumbling, notification sound hallucinations start to occur shortly after the subjects are deprived of their trusty smartphone.

Well, this might sound like a silly wanna-be slapstick comedy piece but smartphone addiction is a real thing, and many people (myself included) have suffered its stealthy tentacles. I’ve been trying to digital detox myself countless times to no avail – our modern reality is just too interwoven with our smartphones. 

My best result is a week without a smartphone, and just because I hit the mountain and forgot the charger back at home. I can joke about it all day long now but at the time some of these almost made-up symptoms were very real to me. From the illusion that I was hearing a messenger notification to the subconscious desire to reach into my pocket and pull out my phone to fiddle with it. It was all very strange.
So, today we’re asking you this – how long have you managed to stay away from your smartphone? Was it an act of will, an attempt on digital detox or just an accident? Do you consider doing it on a regular basis? All tough questions, especially for a media of our kind. Vote in our poll, and share your smartphone-less stories in the comments below!

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