Vote now: How many phone numbers do you have memorized?

I remember the time when I was a walking phonebook – I was able to recite by heart a couple dozens of phone numbers but then again, we didn’t have smartphones back in the day. All we had was a thick phonebook and maybe a small notebook with the most important numbers carefully written down in case amnesia stroke suddenly.

Now, all of a sudden, a couple of days ago, I realized that all I can remember now is my own phone number. Even my wife’s number eludes my memory – it’s neatly stored in my phone’s memory, backed into the cloud, and subsequently forgotten by my tiny gray cells.

Of course, this begs many questions, one being – do smartphones make us dumber? There’s food for debate here – on one hand, we can argue that human brain is so efficient that it just stores things that aren’t immediately necessary deep inside and you just lose the ability to access those things. Maybe under deep hypnosis you would be able to remember all the phone numbers you once knew?

But on the other hand, it’s the same with maps, appointments, and basically everything we can skip on doing and delegate to our trusty smartphones. But we’re not here to judge or decide (I don’t think anyone can at this point). We’re here to check your memory and synchronize our watches (so to speak).

How many numbers can you remember on the tip of your tongue? Is it just your own number? Or some strings of numbers that connect you to your spouse, close friends, relatives? Of course, emergency numbers like 911 don’t count, so let’s leave them out of the equation. Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments below. Do we actually need to remember all those numbers?

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