Vote now: If money was no issue, which type of foldable phone would you prefer: clamshell or phone-tablet?

It’s the era of the foldable phone! Like it or not, these flexible devices are here to stay – all the major players are either into their third or fourth generation of foldables, or working on a prototype (looking at you, Apple!).

And even though many of the drawbacks of the first-generation foladables are now ironed out, a big one still remains unsolved – the price. Yes, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 made a small revolution, bringing the price down below the psychological $1000 mark but still, it’s a lot of money to be burned out on a phone.

The Galaxy Z Fold is even more expensive, and all the tablet-like foldables are pushing the $2,000 threshold (the Huawei Mate XS2 being a prime example with its price of 2,000 euros or around $2,600).

It’s completely understandable why people are primarily buying the Z Flip and similar clamshell devices. They’re half the price of their bigger cousins. But what if the price wasn’t an issue? What if the Galaxy Z Fold 4 was priced at $999? Would you buy it then, or would you get the clamshell form factor still?

Today we want to find out exactly this – is the price of the foldable the most important factor driving your buying decision? Or the form factor is more important and the success of the Flip and all similar devices lies in the user experience? Vote in the poll and let’s see what’s what!


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