Vote now: Under-display fingerprint scanners vs rear/side mounted

Okay, the time has come to tackle this controversial subject! Ever since Vivo introduced the under-display fingerprint scanner to the world back in 2018, every major phone manufacturer has been trying to incorporate this technology into their flagship models.

Granted, there are those rebellious ones that still hold on to the capacitive rear or side mounted version of the fingerprint scanner but somehow it’s viewed as an inferior solution. It’s all down to personal preference in the end, and that’s what we’re doing today with our poll – checking the summer winds and their biometric direction, metaphorically speaking.

I’ve always been a fan of capacitive fingerprint readers – to me it’s a much more robust, efficient and fast solution. You know where it is, you get a physical feedback from the button (or the circular cutout) itself, and in most cases, these scanners don’t get slower over time.On the other hand, the under-display scanners are hidden… well, under the display. Which might be the more elegant solution but then again, my finger ends up searching for them most of the time and often misses the spot.

I know, there’s a visual cue popping-up but still, If I have to wait for the fingerprint zone to light up, I’ll grow older at a much faster rate (I know this doesn’t make any sense but that’s how I feel every time with under-display scanners).And then there’s the lag – they seem to work fine the first couple of weeks but then suddenly you start getting errors and failed attempts. I don’t know if it’s software related or it’s just all the grease and dirt over the fingerprint scanner (well Samsung has an ultrasonic one, still slow after some time) but it’s just not a nice user experience.

And I know what you’re thinking – Face unlock! Yeah, it works and it’s great but let’s leave it out of the equation just for a second. We’re talking fingerprints here – you know CSI style! So, let us know which technology you prefer, and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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