We Are Out to Protect the Americans From Donald Trump Cause He’s Going to Take Away Most Of Our Rights – Satanists Begin Anti Trump Protest

We are out to protect Americans from Donald Trump

It seems like the Democrats have found a strange ally in their opposition to Trump’s administration at the moment. Although, the helping hand may have come from a very unusual quarters, in the form of the Satanic Temple, one might think that anybody who would help to practically kick President Trump out of the White House would probably be welcomed by the never – Trumpers.

In a video that is posted a couple of hours ago by a popular Hollywood Actor and Producer, James Woods on his Twitter handle @RealJamesWoods, the Satanists declared that they are out to protect the Americans from Donald Trump… “We are here to protect you from Trump'”, one of the Satanic Temple Protesters told a bystander.

The video reveals a number of Satanists Protesters who are fully dressed in all black hoodies matching down the streets with their flag painted with Satanic symbols. Then a bystander asked the flag bearer who they are and why they are protesting, and she said:

“Satanic Temple…We are Atheists and we are Satanists. We are against Trump.( Why? ) What do you think? He is going to take away most of our rights. We are not happy about that. And we want to protect you.”

The Satanist flag bearer said.

” I feel better now. Satanists are going to protect us from Trump.” James Woods wrote.

Since James Woods posted this video, a lot of people, especially Americans have reacted to it. Here are some of there reactions below;

Tony Cox @TonyCox89 said, ” See… Trump is not the devil. If he was they would support him. If anyone knows satan, it’s satanists.”

“How can you be an atheist and a satanist????? Obviously, very confused individuals. Sarah Rooley @PinkOption9 wrote.
“Yeah, we know who they support…” iDreamofJesus @WaketheWorldQ said.

“If there was ever a sign to show you who not to side with, this is it.” Kevin Hehmeyer @spaceXcentric said.

“If you vote for him. You ain’t satanic.” Nick @SpaceNerdNick wrote.

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