We Are With Madagascar In This Battle Against Covid-19 In Africa – South Africans Finally Speak Out On the Madagascar Cure

South Africans talk on Madagascar Herbal Cure

South African government has been very quiet about the “cure” COVID-organics ever since it’s out. The health department said nothing about it, President Cyril Ramaphosa kept quite, he didn’t even acknowledge the news to be existing. Today, 2nd of May 2020, Twitter took to its streets to address the matter as South African Citizens.

The below mantioned tweet by @AdvoBarryRoux was the tweet that started it all. He was asking for the Africans to protect the doctor who found the cure. There has been alot of issues around Africans who do very big things in the world suddenly dying. The rest of the people on twitter had alot to say as Well.

Hashtag #Madagascar, has been No.2 in the hastags trending all over the South African country. This shows that South africans are with its sister country Madagascar in this battle against covid-19 in the continent of Africa.

Independent world stated how South African celebrities are all quiet on matter of the virus. He says they are keeping quiet because they are secretly being controled by the elite.

The hashtag is greatly effecting the outlook of the South African citizens concerning this virus. @ChrisExcel102 posted how if we were still in the governance of Jacob Zuma, we would have been drinking this cure already. Which brings the question of, why is the president not addressing the issue.

All these posts show that as a country we are greatly concerned about our well being and the well being of our fellow Africans. The debate still goes on online. The whole world is watching the issue of the cure unfold. Madagascar has greatly lead by example in the continent.

Are the people in your country talking about this cure? Drop your comments.

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