We Have Breakup But She Always Send Me Love Text Anytime She Needs My Help

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According to the message we received from a man known as Ssali Ali. He said he have a girlfriend but they have both broke up. He said anytime the girl needs something from him, she will text him and if he gives her what she requested, the girl will appreciate it and thank him by saying sweet words and send love text as appreciation.

Mr. Ssali needs your advice on this and he would be grateful if you can tell him what to do about it.

Below is what Mr. Ssali said;

I broke up with my girlfriend but she text me when she needs something and when I give her she appreciates with words of love. is it because she still loves me or because she wants to use me?

This man is really confused now and he doesn’t know if the girl still loves him or not. He want your advice on what he should do. Should he marry the girl back or he should leave the girl alone?

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