We Need Leaders Like Barrack Obama But We Are Currently Led By a Racist Who Wants Police to Shoot Looters – Americans Cries Out

We need leaders like Barack Obama not a racist

George Floyd, A black American was recently murdered by a police officer identified as Derek Chauvin. The cop used his knee to pin down the neck of the African – American Man Until he dies. The death of George Floyd have provoked a lot of protest in the United States of America.

Barack Obama recently dropped a Statement concerning the death of George Floyd and this made a lot of Americans to believe that they need more leaders like Barack Obama.

Barack Obama said this shouldn’t be ‘normal’ in 2020 America and he urged Minnesota police officers to investigate the death of George Floyd and ensure justice is served.

Black Americans are happy one of the cops responsible responsible for the death of George Floyd has being arrested but are still protesting for the other three accomplice to be arrested.

A Black American citizen identified as Ms. Krassenstein said “We need leadership like Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden’s. We are currently led by a man who wants police to shoot leaders…”

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