We Should All Blame Ourselves For the Death of the Black American and Not the Police Force – Lil Wayne Says

We all should blame ourselves for the death of George Floyd

The weird murder of George Floyd, the black American guy who was killed by knee pinned on his neck for about 10 minutes by a white Minneapolis police officer has caused debates, protest and more across the country as we continue to hear and see disturbing instances of racism in the United States.

Lil Wayne is the latest to speak his mind explaining that if we want to place blame on anybody for what happened, it should be on ourselves.

During his recent chat with Fat Joe on Instagram live, Lil Wayne said that he thinks we could all be blamed for what happened to George Floyd “I think when we see these situation, I think we also have to understand that we have to get very specific” he explained.

“And what I mean by that is we have to stop viewing it with such a broad view, meaning we have to stop placing the blame on the whole force and the whole everybody or a certain race or everybody with a badge”

“We have to actually get into who that person is. And if we want to place blame on anybody, it should be ourselves for not doing more than what we think we are doing” Lil Wayne Said.

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