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E GO BETA FOR YOU…(#TheWayForward)

As a fallout of my last post, I’ve been pressured by a number of people on the way forward and many said the whole thing shouldn’t just end as an online rant. Having considered some of the feedback received, here’s my take on the way forward:

I admit, a lot of us (the youths) have been polluted but I want to appeal to us to give this country one last chance. JUST THIS ONE LAST CHANCE!

The youth population of this country (according to Wikipedia) is about 33.6 million (ages 18-35). Out of this number, I strongly believe we can raise…

5million youths who are genuinely fed-up with the state of the nation and are willing to do something about it.;

5million youths who (once again), can believe in the Nigerian project;

5million youths who are ready to force a change in this country;

5million youths who can look beyond religion and ethnicity;

5million youths who will painstakingly put aside personal (and selfish) interests for the sake of a common good;

5 million people who are willing to start a revolution which the unborn generation will forever be grateful to us for.

Friends, we can start afresh!

We can birth a new Nigeria!!

We can start by registering our own political party!!!

Definitely, we will need experienced elders WHO WILL ONLY PLAY ADVISORY ROLES but we don’t need any bàbá-ìsàlè to sway our heads with money.

Ask me about funds to register the party. Ordinary N10 (ten naira) each from all of us will surely pay the registration fee of N1m for new party registration …and still leave us with enough money to take care of several other logistics involved.

We can even take a shot at the big one. Presidential ticket for the 2019 elections cost N10m. Ask me again about funds to purchase the ticket. Another N10 each from all of us will do the magic … and purchase forms for at least 5 of our candidates.

Campaign will definitely not be a problem for us…afterall, NA WE GET SOCIAL MEDIA.

For the records, PMB won the last elections by claiming 15,424,921 votes (I personally monitored the elections). That suggests that if the 5 million of us can convince just 3 people (each) to do all it takes to vote, we will hit 20 million votes without stress.

Please, don’t just shove off this post as ‘unworkable’ without giving it some thought. Even the ALMIGHTY GOD was concerned when men came together in unity with a sense of purpose (The Tower of Babel Story). There’s a lot we can achieve TOGETHER.

Even if we don’t reach our target on first attempt, if we can manage to pull this whole thing off, we’d have made a very bold statement – after which I (we) can confidently say, “E GO BETA FOR YOU!!!

Mind you, I don’t intend to be your president; neither am I nursing any political ambitions. After all of this, I’ll be completely content with being remembered as one of 5million Nigerian youths who forced through a revolution in Nigeria.

In fact, to show you I have no ulterior motives, my own N20 is ready. I dey my house. Make una come take am and do the rest.

Kindly share with (or copy & send to) as many people as possible. It’s just the first step of a very long journey

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