We Were Forced to Create Virus to Wipe Off Africa Race – Dr. Robert Gallo Opens Up

A man has gone online talking about how HIV AIDS and Ebola were created in lab by a doctor known as Dr. Robert Gallo.

According to him, he said;

A site run by a friendly and reasonably honest woman I know recently reposted a text titled “The Man Who Created AIDS: Robert Gallo.” The text went super-viral, over 80,000 shares on Facebook alone. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Once I read it, I was aghast at how much misinformation and how many scientifically illiterate statements were in the text and attached video. I wrote her explaining my reasoning, and she immediately agreed to take down the text. It still exists on other, less responsible, sites.

Unfortunately, a large part of the damage has already been done, and that among other articles has helped foster the continued existence of a completely unfounded theory based primarily on not understanding what a patent is in molecular biology. A patent on Ebola or HIV is not the.

Whereas, the engine’s patent is reserving the production of that type of engine to the patent holder, a patent on HIV or Ebola is a patent meant to specify how the virus was isolated, how the genotype was determined, and what this consensus genotype is.

In biology, you can patent things you found to concretely identify that component, potentially for use in a more complex system later. Keep in mind that you can even patent seeds obtained from cross-pollination: the patent does not mean the species was genetically modified in a laboratory.

The same way a patent on cross-bred species does not mean it was created in a lab, a patent on a virus genome does NOT mean it was created in a lab. Robert Gallo first published his isolation and identification of HIV in 1984, and patented this in 1985. After older blood samples were then analysed in a search for this virus, it was then found in the past: it didn’t suddenly occur in the 1970s or 1980s.

Despite the claims of the article whose damage I am working to undo, the earliest samples of HIV positive blood did not originate from New York homosexuals from the 1970s, but instead date back to 1920s Congo.

The virus most certainly did not originate from biological weapons programs, which are only today becoming advanced enough that creating such a virus is even theoretically possible. They were most certainly not advanced enough in 1920, or even 1960, to create a synthetic retrovirus, which I might add, has still never actually been accomplished.

One of the articles I saw blaming Gallo comically claims that chimps were supposedly deliberately infected and released in 1979, which somehow led to the virus occurring in New York in 1971.

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  1. Made vaccine for hiv

  2. Demoniacally interesting world indeed.So much,unbelievable intra racial human hatred in revelation.Well let’s see how it unfolds.Enough of this racial KKK nonsense.

  3. Help us out with medicine of HIV

    • In most cases Africa has been taken as a dumping zone whoever wants to tray same thing trys it on African American
      I don’t is because African are highly populated or is it just because it’s apoor continent ,I don’t just get it clear

  4. 🤔🤔🤔

  5. Africa is not a poor CONTINENT. It is INSTEAD the POVERTY of the MIND of MOST Africans that keeps people SEEING/DECIDING in this IDEOLOGY. Africans need to RESTRUCTURE their MINDSET.

    • Am impressed Maria your position is true,Africans wake up to appreciate our unique place the planet.Why play 2nd fiddle to any race?.
      Am impressed Maria your position is true,Africans wake up to appreciate our unique place the planet.Why play 2nd fiddle to any race?.

      Turning Africans to guinea pigs especially in the field of medicine is heart rending.

  6. GOD still will pay You also,
    Everything you do have a pay, we have lost our responsible ones because of your evil plans, If we are densily populated how harm is it to other continents?
    GOD is watching you for sure!

  7. Chikuta luhandu kasongo
    Chikuta luhandu kasongo

    You are not wise, or clever. Your people are more affected than the African

  8. Blood are the same otherwise plan to change it then you may succeed brother.

  9. God the creator and controller of the universe is watching

  10. If we Africans are the target then ; let them know that whatever you sow is what you reap Galatians 6:7 God is not mocked. Remember we are all created by God.

  11. They think dey are the only race supposed to live yet God created us equally regardless of colour en other nonsense, but Africans they shd also think the best for deir continent

  12. Dr. Gallo could have died, but just know he had a team he worked with. He had a plan financed by those that hate black peaple and wish they were all wiped off the face of the earth. I think we are Lucky to still be around. There are things these men do every single day to take us back and to try to kill us.

    Only that nature is more powerful than there knowledge. The virus that u make attacking black pigment only, time passes and it mutates to eat off the white peaple too.

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