We Will Jail You For Taking This Kind Of Picture With Our Daughter and Post It Online – Lady Family Says

The family of a young lady said they have been embarrassed by a young man who took this pictures with their sister and posted it in different social media sites. They are now in search of this young man who have disappeared into thin air as search for him continues.

The lady is said to be in her early 20s and the only girl in a family of 5 boys. The guy who took the pictures is their sister’s boyfriend, but he posted the pictures without her consent and this is why the family is angry and have sworn to make the man pay dearly for messing their sister up and have succeeded in making the family a laughingstock.

The picture is trending on Facebook and those who have commented are advising ladies to stop taking this kind pictures with guys that they are not yet married to. Some guys are known for releasing the pictures to the public to hurt the ladies in the aftermath of breakups.

Many ladies have committed suicide after some heartless guys released pictures of their romantic action to the public. Nowadays, the internet have made these Pictures trend far and wide. People should be wise because the internet never forget.

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