We Will Never Go to Nigeria Again to Seek Prophetic Solutions – South Africans Say

We won't seek prophetic solutions in Nigeria

Over the years, South Africans have been moving from one country to the other in search of prophetic solutions. One the counties that South Africans have patronized so well in search for prophesy is Nigeria. At the long run, South Africans seems to have learnt their lessons and are now saying that most of those Nigeria prophets are fake.

According to most South Africans, they spent a lot of money traveling to Nigeria to look for prophesy hoping that their lives would be better off but to no avail. They lamented that they will never go to Nigeria again to seek for prophesy except for official visits.

However, some also went ahead to say that South Africa have their own prophetic places of worships were people can go and look for prophetic Solutions to problems instead of traveling to other countries. Before they turned into something else, a lot of churches were reaching out to people without collecting anything in return.

Those early churches were not miracle churches as they focused mainly on soul winning instead of other things like touch and fall. They said all these touch and falls are fake.

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