We won’t clear barricades around the George Floyd Memorial until the city leaders meet our 24 demands – protesters say

Minneapolis protesters are demanding that 24 conditions must be met before the cement barricades around the George Floyd memorial are brought down, WCCO reported.

According to the local outlet, protesters said that the city plans to remove the barricades around the “George Floyd Square,” which have been up since June and currently block vehicles in the area, sometime next week.

Floyd died in late May after officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for several minutes.

A video of the incident went viral, sparking outrage and protests worldwide. Chauvin and three other officers involved in the incident were fired and subsequently faced charges stemming from the incident.

Protesters created a list of 24 demands that they said city leadership must meet, or they themselves would maintain the barricades around the memorial.

Some of the demands include recalling Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, firing four employees of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and ending qualified immunity.

Protesters gained the support of the National Lawyers Guild of Minnesota, which in a Facebook wrote: “Neighbors, youth, and community activists have been tending to this space for months since the police murder of George Floyd in order to keep it a sacred space for the memorial. It is inherently a space of protest.”

The guild added: “The people of George Floyd Square have developed very clear demands that need to be met and have openly communicated to the city what needs to happen in order for negotiations regarding the removal of the barricades to begin.”

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