What Protesters Did At the House Of the White Cop That Killed African American Man Will Surprise You, See What They Did

What Protesters did to Police that kills George

A viral video of a policeman in Minneapolis has been trending online in the past few days, the video shows an African-American man been detained by the police and the policeman pinned his neck to the ground despite not resisting arrest. The African-American is seen pleading with the policeman that he can’t breathe but the policeman ignores him despite pleas from passerbys.

The Black American known as George Floyd eventually died and his death has spark massive reactions and protests from American citizens especially the black races who have expressed their concern for safety of their children and family who are blacks.

Protesters have gathered outside the home of the racist police officer who abused and killed George Floyd. The police officer known as Derek Chauvin has since been charged for this outrageous act. Protesters find their way to his home and branded the entrance of his house “Murderer”, “A Murderer lives here”. With another sign in front his driveway reading ‘People don’t kill people, cops do’.

Other demonstrators are seen carrying signs and wore T-shirts reading ‘I can’t breathe’, some of the last words that George Floyd said as he begged the police officer for his life.

Protesters call for murder charges against the former policeman.

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