What To Know And How to Activate Airtel “Ovajara X8” Bonus on SmartConnect 4.0

Airtel is back with force has it successfully revealed another offer named ” Ovajara 8X ” which gives
8X values of your recharge and not only that, you will be given data bonus at the end of the month. Meanwhile, the bonus is from SmartConnect 4.0 package.

This offer from Airtel was hashtagged
#OvajaraBack2Sender and is released to let new customers thrilled on their network. Only new customers are entitled to enjoy the offer while existing customers won’t enjoy from it.
With just a recharge of 200naira , you’d get 1600naira bonus to call all networks in Nigeria. The bonus is classified to three different sections: First for Airtel calls, second for calls to all networks and third goes for data.

How Airtel Ovajara 8X Bonus Works

Assuming you recharged 200naira , you would be given 500naira for voice calls
to all networks, 500naira for data ,
200naira to call family and friends only Airtel registered numbers, 200naira for social bundles (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, BBM, Opera…). The 200naira you load will remain untouched and the interesting part is that at the end of the month, you will receive 200naira data bonus.
If you recharge 1000naira , you will be given 2,500naira for calls to all networks in Nigeria, 2500naira data bonus which is up to 500MB and
1000naira airtime to call family and friends only Airtel registered numbers. You will get 1000naira for social bundles like Facebook, Twitter, among others and 1000naira as data bonus at the end of the month.
New subscribers gets the data bonus for the first three months, the “Ovajara 8X” continues. Any recharge below 200naira only attracts Ovajara 8X bonus and not the data bonus.

How to Activate Airtel SmartConnect 4.0 Ovajara 8X Bonus

Only new subscribers are entitled to enjoy the offer, just get and register a new Airtel SIM and recharge 200naira by dialling *126*PIN# and you will be immediately given the “Ovajara 8X” offer.
To check Ovajara 8X bonus, dial *123# and enjoy!

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