What Would You Do If $37 Million Was Accidentally Deposited to Your Bank Account?

An American woman checked her account balance and found an extra $37,000,000 which is like 13 billion naira in it.

The woman named Ruth Balloon, from Dallas said she had thought it was an early Christmas gift from someone until she reached out to her bank and discovered it was only an error. 

According to her, the bank apologized and took back the money they had mistakenly deposited in Balloon’s account. 

“I was a millionaire, I have a screenshot of it so I can say that now,” said Balloon. “It’s quite a story.”

She also hopes the bank will give her a reward for notifying them as soon as possible.

“A ‘thank you’ reward would be a little bit good. Just for being a good customer and notifying them as soon as possible,” she said.

On what she would have done with money if it wasn’t a mistake, she said: “First I was going to do 10% tithing. Then I was going to donate some money and then I would have invested in real estate.”

So what would you do if it was you that found that huge amount of money in your bank account?

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