Whatsapp Cheat, Tutorial On How To Retract Or Delete WhatsApp Messages After The Official 7 Minutes

WhatsApp introduced the feature to retract or delete a message after sending for 7 minutes but in this article, you’ll be tutored on how to retract and delete messages even after a week.

Not everytime you will have time to retract messages in 7 minutes time. What if you have don’t have time or you got hook up due to poor network, errors or confidentialities and the retract expired? Don’t worry, we are with you.

No matter how old the message is, you can use this tutorial to retract or delete your WhatsApp messages ;

Now, let’s get started, follow the below steps and you will get this done easily.

* Go to the message you wish to delete or retract and check the time.
* After that, now activate “ Flight mode ” and go to Settings>>Apps>>WhatsApp and “Force Stop” the app.
* Now, go to your phone time & date and change the time to some minutes above the time of the WhatsApp message and make sure is not above 7 minutes of the time you sent the message.
* Now, use the method to retract WhatsApp messages above 7 minutes time and continually.

Tip: You should turn off automatic time and date before changing the manual date and time.
Is it helpful? If you have any questions about this, feel free to use the comment box.

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