Whatsapp Set To Ban Accounts Operated With Third-Party Whatsapp Apps

The instant messaging giant – WhatsApp has commenced banning of accounts opened and operated with third-party apps like (GBwhatsapp, Yowhatsap etc) this action according to the WhatsApp management is to curb the security threats posed by those third-party apps as they cannot validate the security of the accounts operated with those apps, So if you are making use of any third party WhatsApp app you are advised to switch over to the official else you will be temporarily banned from using WhatsApp.

Here is whatsapp message quoted below;

WhatsApp cares deeply about the safety of our users. To protect the privacy and security of their account, we strongly recommend users only download WhatsApp from official app stores or from our website. We are continuing to step up our enforcement against impostor WhatsApp services to help curb abuse and keep WhatsApp users safe.

The ban action by WhatsApp on those accounts is said to be temporal as users can lift the ban by simply installing the official WhatsApp app, register with their mobile number and continue their chatting journey, they are also advised to make a switch over before time to avoid losing their chat history, to do that they should back up their chats on the unofficial WhatsApp app, rename the unofficial WhatsApp folders to “WhatsApp” instead of the third-party apps name, then, uninstall the apps, download the official WhatsApp app and retrieve the back up while signing up.

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